• Albany Baptist Church (map)
  • Bethel Way
  • Yakamia WA 6330
  • Australia


Saturday, June 24

7:30pm - 9:30pm

By George, it’s Gershwin, Liszt, Mancini, Scott Joplin, Rachmaninoff … and more of the musical greats. The fun starts with a Broadway opening and continues until the “everything including the kitchen sink” Curtain Call. And somewhere in the middle will be a sensational act involving three pianists playing 57 famous tunes on one piano – at the same time!

Car horns, referee whistles, African drumming, synchronised clapping, Il Divo singing, a silent movie and roosters will all play a part in this great family event.

Join the Albany City Wind Ensemble and About FACE for another enthralling night as we take it FROM THE TOP.



(Please Note: Link will take you the Albany City Wind Ensemble website)