• Albany Entertainment Centre (map)
  • 2 Toll Place
  • Albany, WA, 6330
  • Australia

We need a little Christmas and ACWE is celebrating the Festive Season with another action-packed Variety Performance.  

Surprises abound in this Gala Spectacular that has everything from the ridiculous to the positively show-stopping. 

Beneath ACWE’s Christmas tree are treats for the whole family. Cowboys, animations, secret agents, baseballs and tangos, together with a selection of all-time favourite Christmas songs are on the Christmas list. 

Appearances by some of ACWE’s most popular guest artistes and the much-celebrated vocal group About FACE are guaranteed to please the crowd, as they bring their unique styles and humour to the stage.  Add the St Joseph’s College Choir and dancers from Albany’s Academy of Dance, and it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

To top off an evening that has all the trimmings, Director Sue Findlay brings back ACWE’s most popular host; whose antics have the potential to bring the whole show undone!